Casio FX-300ES Plus Scientific Calculator Brand New Retail Packaging

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Hardware Features

The fx-300ES Plus is intuitive and easy to use as you progress through your coursework. It has two-way power, "Solar Plus with Battery Back-up", so you're always ready!

Large Display

Offers a large, multi-line display that allows for important multi-replay functionality.

Functionality & Key Features

Some of the functionality you will find in the fx-300ES Plus includes:
  • Natural Textbook Display shows expressions and results exactly as they appear in the textbook
  • Multi-Replay function allows you to backtrack step-by-step through calculations allowing the ability to edit expressions and recalculate answers
  • Simplify Fractions & Roots
  • Repeating Decimal Display
  • Prime Factorization
  • Logarithm of any base
  • Combinations & Permutations
  • Statistics & Linear Regression
  • 9 Constant Memory locations
And much more!