Fundamentals of Nursing, The Art and Science of Nursing Care 6th Edition

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Unit I Foundations of Nursing PracticeChapter 1 Introduction to NursingChapter 2 Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based PracticeChapter 3 Health, Wellness, and Health DisparitiesChapter 4 Health of the Individual, Family, and CommunityChapter 5 Cultural DiversityChapter 6 Values, Ethics, and AdvocacyChapter 7 Legal Dimensions of Nursing PracticeChapter 8 CommunicationChapter 9 Teaching and CounselingChapter 10 Leading, Managing, and DelegatingUnit II Health Care DeliveryChapter 11 The Health Care Delivery SystemChapter 12 Collaborative Practice and Care Coordination Across SettingsUnit III Person-Centered Care and the Nursing ProcessChapter 13 Blended Competencies, Clinical Reasoning, and Processes of Person-Centered CareChapter 14 AssessingChapter 15 DiagnosingChapter 16 Outcome Identification and PlanningChapter 17 ImplementingChapter 18 EvaluatingChapter 19 Documenting and ReportingChapter 20 Nursing InformaticsUnit IV Promoting Health Across the LifespanChapter 21 Developmental ConceptsChapter 22 Conception Through Young AdultChapter 23 The Aging AdultUnit V Actions Basic to Nursing CareChapter 24 Asepsis and Infection ControlChapter 25 Vital SignsChapter 26 Health AssessmentChapter 27 Safety, Security, and Emergency PreparednessChapter 28 Complementary and Integrative HealthChapter 29 MedicationsChapter 30 Perioperative NursingUnit VI Promoting Healthy Physiologic ResponsesChapter 31 HygieneChapter 32 Skin Integrity and Wound CareChapter 33 ActivityChapter 34 Rest and SleepChapter 35 Comfort and Pain ManagementChapter 36 NutritionChapter 37 Urinary EliminationChapter 38 Bowel EliminationChapter 39 Oxygenation and PerfusionChapter 40 Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid–Base BalanceUnit VII Promoting Healthy Psychosocial ResponsesChapter 41 Self-ConceptChapter 42 Stress and AdaptationChapter 43 Loss, Grief, and DyingChapter 44 Sensory FunctioningChapter 45 SexualityChapter 46 SpiritualityIndexGlossaryAppendix A Guidelines for Delegation Decision MakingAppendix B EquivalentsAppendix C Normal Adult Laboratory Values